Muhammad Saud

Muhammad Saud is 17, Garik Shayk's age. 

Muhammad is rarely seen wiithout his skullcap, emblazoned with, guess ... a skull stitched into the fabric.

Muhammad is a longboard rider, and on the streets, he especially enjoys skipping off curbs. His board boasts a skull and bones underneath ... and red paint dripping like blood along the top. Red wheels sprout from his white trucks like blood flinging itself onto the road. He lives with his grandmother, keeps posters of the streetfighters Cord and Roy on his walls, and has a watch (combined computer and phone) that he keeps in a zippered pouch around his neck.

Muhammad goes by Mo to his friends, frequently says, "Allah be praised," and has an old tattered sweater that he feels gives him good skater vibes. 

Dundersaps (or some variation thereof) is one of his favorite terms. It can mean anything from friend, idiot, or wow, to "how did I ever get involved in this."

We first meet Muhammad in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

Muhammad resurfaces in Garik's story in Book 4, Reflections of the Silverback, as Garik returns to the city from his exile in the basement of the Corona Tower.