The Russian’s Revenge

The Human-Hybrid Project

Book Ten

The Russians Revenge Front Cover reduced for HH ArticlesThe Tower has taken something important from Garik Shayk for the final time.

Garik learns that his mentor and trusted ally, Jantzen Hefferly, is somehow still alive in a secret facility in northern Canada.

Garik has been changed forever by his forced induction into Corona Tower's Human-Hybrid Project. His girlfriend is dead. His friendships have been pushed to the brink. He is no longer the man he used to be, if he can even be considered a man at all.

Garik takes on a new challenge: to rescue Jantzen Hefferly and return him to health while bringing the cruel and vindictive leaders of the Human-Hybrid Project to justice.

Is Garik still human enough to accept the challenge? Or will his growing hybrid half destroy everything he once held dear?

The old rules have been shattered, and Garik must forge ahead to make his own.

Don't start this book unless you are prepared to go back and read the previous nine. You will want to know every detail of this epic story of one man's triumph over those in power who thought they could keep him under their control. Garik Shayk is a shining example for every young person of what it means to leave your childhood behind and become what you are meant to be.

About the Series:

The Human Hybrid Project is a ten-book series focused on Garik Shayk and his struggle to survive after he is forcibly inducted into the Human-Hybrid Project secreted deep within the super-secure sub-basements of the exclusive and off-limits Corona Tower.

The Russian's Revenge is the tenth and final book in this electrifying and fast-paced series.

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