The Rage

The Human-Hybrid Project

Book Seven

The Rage Front Cover reduced for HH ArticlesOnly the Tower can help Garik Shayk now.

His life is no longer his own.

His unwilling involvement in the government-funded Human-Hybrid Project has turned his life upside down.

Free of the Tower’s imprisonment for a second time, his girlfriend, Marisa Bruni, is killed, and in the aftermath, he learns that anger is the key to triggering his non-human strength and uncanny ability to read a situation and act.

Jantzen Hefferly, now his staunchest ally, breaks the news that only the Tower can help control his unbridled rage.

Is returning to prison the answer? His decision may haunt Garik whichever he decides. The fractures in Garik’s life started with the Tower, and if he returns, he is at their mercy once more.

You will fall into this maelstrom of a story, and it will spit you out hungry for more. Binge-worthy? Heck, yeah! You will be scrambling to get your hands on every book in The Human-Hybrid Project series. 

About the Series:

The Human Hybrid Project is a ten-book series focused on Garik Shayk and his struggle to survive after he is forcibly inducted into the Human-Hybrid Project secreted deep within the super-secure sub-basements of the exclusive and off-limits Corona Tower.

The Rage is the seventh book in this electrifying and fast-paced series.

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